Hunter Douglas is committed to being a responsible manufacturer, customer, employer, vendor and neighbour.  Everything we do is designed to grow our business and our customers’ business and contribute to a more sustainable world.  We actively encourage our employees, our customers and our partners to participate in initiatives that support the environment.

We want to perform our business in a socially
and environmentally responsible way


Making a positive impact on the future means taking action now. Hunter Green™ and Keen on Green are important company-wide initiatives to reduce energy consumption, water usage and our overall carbon-footprint. It also includes ongoing consumer marketing to increase awareness of our corporate commitment as well as the superior energy-saving benefits of our products.  Pragmatic real-world solutions, designed to make sustainability a core focus in our business.

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Supporting Sustainability through Great Design

For over 60 years Hunter Douglas has pioneered sustainability through the innovative design of our proprietary window treatments, advanced operating systems and high-performance architectural products. Our solutions help reduce energy loss, save on heating and cooling costs to create more energy efficient and comfortable homes and offices.



Our innovative window treatments are inherently sustainable by design, helping control light and heat, conserve energy and optimise indoor environmental quality for improved comfort, health and productivity.

Beautiful by design with outstanding performance – our fabric shades are consistently recognised for excellence in energy saving properties, design and advanced lifting operation.

“We make ‘green’ beautiful with stylish solutions for saving energy.”

  • Duette®Shades

    Developed in response to the energy crisis of the late 1970s, our Duette®Honeycomb Shades were an industry innovation and the first product of its kind. The unique honeycomb construction traps air inside the cells to keep homes warmer in winter and cooler in the summer. With fabric opacities from sheer to opaque, Duette®Shades maximize light control and privacy, becoming the industry’s proven leader in both style and innovation.

  • Sustainable Fabric Innovation

    Our history in innovating market leading sustainable fabrics include Greenscreen® the first range of PVC-free solar shading fabrics designed for internal roller blinds and solar control systems. Greenscreen® offers a high level of sustainability whilst maintaining its fire-retardant characteristics, meeting the strictest international standards for Indoor Environmental Quality. Our Greenscreen® Eco fabrics are Cradle to Cradle ® certified.

  • GreenScreen® Sea-Tex

    Our latest innovation Greenscreen® Sea-Tex is the world’s first solar control fabric made with Recycled Ocean Plastic waste. The plastic in the Pacific has created “plastic soup” of up to 15 million square kilometres that takes hundreds of years to break down. Helping clean up this waste is one of the world’s most pressing environmental concerns.


  • NXT
    Solar Control Fabrics

    Greenscreen® NXT is a fireproof fabric made with materials derived from annually renewable resources, like cotton and linen. Greenscreen® NXT withstands temperatures up to 1,000°C, without any topical FR coating.  Greenscreen® NXT is made from all-natural materials and is biodegradable.


At Hunter Douglas, we’re continually developing product solutions that improve building performance and indoor environmental quality, while reducing environmental impact and helping reduce energy consumption. We focus on high-performance architectural materials with proprietary characteristics in design, comfort and sustainability for both interior and exterior application.


It’s important for us to support the communities we live and work in – helping those who need it most.

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From design to manufacturing to marketing, every Hunter Douglas window covering has innovation and quality at its centre.

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