Hunter Douglas is a world leading manufacturer of Sun Control Solutions, Suspended Ceilings, Ventilated Facade Systems and Translucence Materials.  At Hunter Douglas we help bring ideas to life; collaborating with architects to bring ideas off the drawing board and into inspiring reality. Through this collaborative approach we are able to develop new, smarter ways of tackling the most stubborn of real-world obstacles by innovating high-performance architectural materials with proprietary characteristics in design, comfort and sustainability.

Not only are the world’s leading architects our partners –
they’re our inspiration.

Customisable Solutions

Our strength is our ability to develop customisable product systems, which assure reliable instillation and enable design flexibility with minimum custom engineering. QuadroClad™ Ventilated Facade Systems, NBK™ Terracotta Facades, Luxalon®Metal Ceilings, Techstyle® Acoustic Ceilings and 3form Translucent Materials are leading Hunter Douglas brands.  Our solutions feature maximum design flexibility, require minimum custom engineering and provide quick and reliable installation. Our success is based on giving architects a high degree of technical and design support in applying our product. We collaborate with architects, building owners and contractors to realise their design objectives while also meeting  performance requirements for light control, energy efficiency and acoustics.

Sun Control Solutions

Hunter Douglas is at the forefront of the emerging field of architectural solar control products. Our unparalleled range of solutions and expertise, help architects design effective solutions to manage heat and light inside and outside the windowed wall. From Motorised Sun Louvers, Sliding Shutters, External Blinds and Skylight Shades our solutions integrate day lighting and help control solar thermal-gain in the building envelope.

21st Century Window
Covering Solutions

Our commercial Window Covering solutions help manage light, heat and energy at the building envelope, reducing the need for artificial lighting, cooling and heating. With world-class engineering, versatility, durability and style, Hunter Douglas is at the forefront of advanced Motoristion Technology.

Superior Performance –
Ventilated Façade Systems

Our Ventilated Rain-Screen Façade and Cladding Systems deliver outstanding performance. We’re continually developing new product solutions that improve overall building performance and indoor environmental quality, while reducing environmental impact.

QuadroClad™ Façade Systems

Our QuadroClad™ Façade System is a unique, open-jointed cladding system based on the principles of rainscreen façades. The lightweight skins are fused to a honeycomb aluminum core that provides extreme panel strength and flatness. Engineered to deliver both outstanding looks and excellent functionality that perform even in the most severe environmental conditions.

NBK™ – Terracotta Façades

Since it’s founding in 1927, the NBK™  name has been synonymous with Architectural Terracotta Façade innovation and collaboration within the architectural community. The unique design and performance of NBK solutions can be seen in some of world’s most visually dynamic buildings.

The TERRART® Ventilated Curtain Wall and Rain Screen System featuring exposed components are made exclusively from terracotta blending urban tradition and materials with the latest technology in ventilated façades.

Acoustics & Aesthetics – Suspended Ceilings

Sixty years ago we pioneered Luxalon® Suspended Metal Ceilings. We’ve been hard at work ever since, crafting a comprehensive range of ceiling solutions in Metal, Wood and Resin materials for commercial application.



Our expertise in ceiling design, combined with our knowledge of precision textile engineering, led us to create our revolutionary TechStyle® Ceilings. The smooth, lightweight textile ceiling panels have a contemporary, monolithic design with outstanding acoustical performance.

HeartFelt® modular ceilings

Our latest ceiling innovation HeartFelt® is a new modular linear felt ceiling system with unique design and sustainability qualities. HeartFelt® is made with Cradle to Cradle-certified felt, a natural and soft material with a warm appearance and excellent acoustic properties. Hunter Douglas is the first manufacturer in the world to market a modular and linear felt ceiling system. Winner of the prestigious RedDot Design Award – Best of the Best 2017.

Translucent Materials

3form is the leading manufacturer of award-winning translucent architectural materials. 3form panels in resin and glass give architects and interior designers the flexibility to play with colours, shapes, texture and transparency for interior and exterior application including back lit walls features, partitions, ceilings, canopies and building accents. Though its LightArt® division, the company also designs a range of custom lighting fixtures with translucence materials.

Working Together

International architects and designers trust our unmatched product development, service and support. We’re collaborating to solve unique architectural challenges and deliver outstanding solutions that meet rigorous international certification including; LEED, BREEAM, HQE, DNGB and ESTIDAMA .   Through our global network of specialised manufacturing facilities we’re creating a consistent range of solutions that architects can adapt to local design requirements.  

Now, more than ever, the ability to innovate defines success in architecture and design by doing more with less and meeting and exceeding higher standards in sustainable architecture. Hunter Douglas Architectural products are helping  with innovative and sustainable solutions – both inside and out.




Business is people. At Hunter Douglas, we pride ourselves on our worldwide network of experienced, intelligent, passionate and creative people.

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From design to manufacturing to marketing every Hunter Douglas product has innovation and quality at its centre.

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